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  • Heat Reflux Extracting Concentrator
  • Heat Reflux Extracting Concentrator
  • Heat Reflux Extracting Concentrator
  • Heat Reflux Extracting Concentrator

Heat Reflux Extracting Concentrator

  • Type: Extractor
  • Application: Chemicals Processing, Food Processing, Medicine Processing
  • Voltage: 380V or customized
  • Warranty: 1 Year Online support, Video technical support, spare parts, Field installation, commissioning and training, Field maintenance and repair service
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Function: Multi-energy Extraction and Concentration recovery unit
  • Capacity: 1000L-20000L

Product Description

Heat Reflux Extracting Concentrator



Heat Reflux Extracting Concentrator consists of two parts, one is the extraction machine. The other is the concentration machine. So this is not only extract the herbal, it also have a concentrator to concentrate the liquid after extraction.

The equipment is compact conformed and integrated with extraction, volatile oil recovery, concentration, ointment receiving, and solvent recovery. Synchronous Extraction and concentration shorten the technical process and production period, increasing the operation rate of the equipment. Set boiling, heat reflux, forced circulation, essential oil extraction and concentration, solvent recovery, extract into one, one machine with several purposes. 

 Using push-pull self-locking patent slag door, stainless steel hard pipe leads-out liquid, save, do not leak drops of liquid. 

 According to technology needed to achieve negative pressure, atmospheric pressure and other extraction operation, switching valves can be easy to operate. 

 Extraction and concentration share a condensing system, machine structure is compact, small footprint, fast recovery of the volatile oil. 

 Solvent used closed & cycled in the device, reduce more than 50% input, can reduce the pollution of the environment, meet the (GMP) requirements. 



 Add the solvent once for all, with the consumption lowered by more than 40%. With hot reflux, forced circulation and sox let extraction integrated, the solute keeps high gradient in the solvent, increasing the receiving rate by 10 to15%.
 Connecting and reusing the condenser make the equipment compact-conformed and bring each part into full play. Without increasing investment of the device, Both the reflux and solvent recovery can be reached to good effect.
 New technology and new materials are utilized for excellent performance of unit. The areas of the unit contacting with medical liquids and solvents in instruments, equipments and pipes, are made of superior stainless steel.




 Heat Reflux Extracting Concentrator for herb extractor is applicable for plants(like flowers, leafs ,roots and so on) with vacuum or without vacuum. 
And it also for the collagen protein, like the pigskin collagen protein extraction.(detail pls see the below sheet)

 Heat Reflux Extracting Concentrator is used for concentrate the solvent containing water or organic solvents but dilute low level of suspended solids. Such as pollution, solvent recovery, wastewater treatment, the concentrated extract,
fruit juice concentrates, etc.


Main Parameter

Extractor Volume (m3)0.51236
Evaporation Capacity of Concentrator (L)25050080010002000
Water-extraction Temp. (oC)90~100
Alcohol-extraction Temp. (oC)78~83
Extraction Time5~6h/patch
Vacuum Degree (Mpa)-0.05~-0.08
Designed Pressure (Mpa)0.09~0.3

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